Don't be fooled

07/29/2011 19:48


  • Blood Parrot: The blood parrot is named for its deep color that is mostly orange but can sometimes appear almost red or even purple. There are possibilities of finding blood parrots with color inconsistencies such as those that contain splotches of white or black.
  • Purple Heart parrot: The Purple Heart parrot looks just like the blood parrot except that it has no caudal fin. There is nothing where the caudal fin should be, almost as if it was removed on purpose. This cichlid is named for its shape which looks like the Purple Heart award turned sideways. Despite the missing tailfin this fish can still swim as well as any healthy parrot cichlid.
  • Bubblegum or jellybean parrots lack the deep orange coloration and are believed to be the offspring of a blood parrot and pink convict cichlid. They are often dyed different colors such as red, blue, pink, purple and green, to appear more interesting. This is a cruel practice to subject young and innocent fish to.
  • Crossbreeds: Parrot cichlids are crossbred with other cichlid species to produce cichlid markings on a parrot body shape. Some examples of the outcome are parrot-convicts and parrot-flowerhorns.