The Parrot Controversy

07/29/2011 19:51

There is a lot of controversy concerning the breeding of this type of fish. It is one that is highly debated in the aquarium industry. Many aquarists believe that these fish should not be bred because it is a species that was never meant to be. But is it not the same thing when horses are bred with donkeys to produce mules? Why should this species not be bred if mules still are produced? There is nothing to keep the different cichlid types from breeding naturally in the wild if they cohabitate in the same environment. On the other hand, dying the bubble gum, colored parrot cichlids is not humane. Dying these fish for ornamental purposes can shorten the life expectancy of the fish. They dyes used are not applied in a harmless manner and it is not healthy for the fish so this practice is severely disagreeable.