Blood Parrot Cichlids

The parrot cichlid was created in Taiwan in the late 80s and the first specimens of the first form of parrot cichlids, the blood parrot cichlid, was introduced to the market in 1986. It then took some time before these fish became known in the west. The term parrot cichlid can also refer to Hoplarchus Psittacus.

The exact origin behind this hybrid is unknown. It is however a result of cross breeding between different South American cichlids. The most accepted theory is that The blood parrot cichlid is the result of cross breeding a male "Cichlasoma citrinellum" (midas cichlid) and a female "Cichliasoma synspilum" (redhead cichlid). There are however also a number of theories that thinks that parrot cichlids contain genes from some kind of Severum cichlid.


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Parrot cichlids need territories in which they can retreat to. Although this fish can be fairly aggressive, it seems that they do have some trouble defending themselves. This is because this is a hybrid species, and it is common for them to be born with an array of different birth defects....


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  The sexing of this species is unknown. There are some speculations that females may be a bit plumper but it has not been confirmed Blood Parrots are difficult to sex. The only reliable external details are the shapes of the genital papillae. Males will have a longer, narrow papilla...


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Where They Come From

Parrot fish are man-made cross-bred fish, and a controversial one at that. Although they've been on the market for well over a decade, they were not seen widely in pet shops before the year 2000. Usually sold under the name of Blood or Bloody Parrots, they should not be confused with freshwater...


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Why are my parrot fish so nervous?

Answer: There could be several reasons for this. If they have only just been added to the aquarium, they will still be settling in and this can take anything from few days to a few weeks. Are they being housed with suitable tank mates, boisterous fish can sometimes put the other fish on edge?


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Why did my pink parrot fish turn orange?

  Answer: Tropical parrot fish are hybrids that have been bred for a select market and due to bad breeding methods they all contain certain deformities. Many of the parrot fish sold are dyed; because of this the coloration is false and will gradually fade. These fish are not too well...


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The Parrot Controversy

There is a lot of controversy concerning the breeding of this type of fish. It is one that is highly debated in the aquarium industry. Many aquarists believe that these fish should not be bred because it is a species that was never meant to be. But is it not the same thing when horses are bred...


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Don't be fooled

  Blood Parrot: The blood parrot is named for its deep color that is mostly orange but can sometimes appear almost red or even purple. There are possibilities of finding blood parrots with color inconsistencies such as those that contain splotches of white or black. Purple Heart...


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There are several different types of parrot cichlids available in the trade. It should however be noted that bubblegum parrot cichlids and jellybean parrot cichlids isn’t really parrot cichlids but rather a hybrid between a parrot cichlids and convict cichlids.



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